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Whether you are the kind of person who travels completely independently or the kind of person who likes to have everything planned out for you by a professional, you will get more out of your trip if you join an organized tour now and then. The kind of tour you choose will depend on what you have to spend and what your itinerary already is - but you could sign up for anything from an all-inclusive 4-5 day trip to a region that is close to your home base, to a quick 1-2 hour tour of a particular neighborhood in a city.

The idea with these cheap organized tours is that you get to maximize your sightseeing options without spending a ton of money or a ton of time handling all the details yourself. Instead of figuring out the local public transportation to that off-the-beaten-path attraction, why not hop on a tour bus or join a group already taking the train there? That way, you do not have to think about the details at all - you just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacation.

Depending on your specific interests, you can even join a cheap organized tour that caters to something you really enjoy. For instance, why not take a wine tasting day trip in a famous wine region? Or join a bungee-jumping adventure to get over your fear of heights? There are almost as many themed tours as there are travelers to join them - you just have to browse around a bit in our listings to find the ones that appeal to you.

Again, the cheap tours you choose will depend almost entirely on what your travel itinerary and budget are - but even if you are a hardcore independent traveler, do not let the word "tour" turn you off. You can make the most of your time in a foreign place by joining an organized afternoon or day tour and then going back to the places you liked best for further investigation. Tours are a great way to take in the highlights of a place without spending too much time or money.