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Celebrity Tours


Sometimes a vacation is about experiencing life the way that proverbial "other half" lives - you know, the rich and famous set who certainly vacation differently than you do. But truth be told, they also live their day to day lives in places that you consider vacation getaways - which is one reason that celebrity tours are such a popular thing to do when you are in an area where a lot of famous people live. In most cases, the locations of star homes is not some big secret - it is only a secret to you because you do not live in the area!

Los Angeles is clearly one of the best places to book one of the celebrity tours available, because of the sheer concentration of movie stars and famous musicians who live in and around Hollywood. There are bus tours which drive you past the high security gates of celebrity homes, so you can get an on the ground look at what it might be like to drive an expensive sports car into the driveway, but if you want a peek beyond the gates then you cannot do better than a helicopter tour overlooking the celebrity homes in L.A.

But L.A. is not the only place you can join star tours and see where the rich and famous live and play. South Florida has its fair share of celebrities (there really is something about sun and sand that attracts the famous people, isn't there?), and there are boat trips around Biscayne Bay that will give you a chance to see where some of them hang out. And another California city - Palm Springs - is also popular with celebrities and boasts its own set of celebrity tours as well.

If you want to make it look like you got up close and personal with the stars - without actually risking getting arrested by stalking them - then try on some of the other celebrity tours for size, including a trip to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London or the celebrity tribute shows in Las Vegas (American Superstars at the Stratosphere and Evening at La Cage at the Riviera Hotel). And if you want to pretend you are a celebrity for a moment, then take advantage of the celebrity shopping secrets tour in London.