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Golf Tours


Everyone has at least one hobby, one obsession, and for most of us that hobby probably is not something you can build an entire vacation around. A fascination with the mating habits of dung beetles, for instance, may not exactly be fun for the whole family. But if you are hooked on golf, as countless people are, then there is no better way to enjoy that passion than by booking one of the many golf tours that are available. After all, you work hard for a living - why not treat yourself when you are on holiday?

Some of the golf tours on offer are just highlights of sorts, giving you a look at some of the most famous golf courses in the world - and some of them are helicopter tours letting you see the course from an entirely different perspective. But many are actually intended for you to play golf, and to enjoy all the outdoor recreation that comes with that. Most of these locations are known not only for their excellent golfing but also for their excellent weather - so being out on the greens will be an even nicer experience.

Consider a trip to Orlando with the family - you can let them go off to hang out with Mickey and friends while you play 18 holes at Hunters Creek Golf Club. Not only that, this is one of the golf tours that comes with extras, including club rental, golf cart hire, and even lunch at the clubhouse. But if you really want to build a vacation around your sport of choice, then you need look no further than a trip to Scotland - with a day-trip to St. Andrews built into a stay in Edinburgh.

Even if you are not planning to visit a place that is world famous for its golf courses, never fear - golf is one of those pastimes that you can usually find anywhere you have sunshine and tourists. So no matter where your travels take you, be sure to check whether there are golf tours available in that area. Whether it is just a guided tour of a famous course, a package to play a round of golf, or perhaps even some lessons from a pro - there is no better way to honor your passion for the game.