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Guided Tours


One of the great things about travel is coming home with more knowledge and information in your brain than when you left. How you get that information can vary, but one of the best and easiest ways to learn about something new is to get the low-down from someone who knows that subject better than you do. In the case of travel, this usually means listening to a professional guide - and the good news is that guided tours are incredibly popular and easy to find no matter where you go in the world.

Seeing a museum like the Louvre in Paris, for instance, is fine if you are on your own. You can walk through the museum, consult a guidebook, and read the descriptions next to each work of art without a guide. But unless you are an art historian, you may not know why a particular painting is famous or what makes it so important. With one of the guided tours of the Louvre, however, you can find out. And as an added bonus, guided tours of museums like that usually include a feature that allows you to "skip the line" and go straight in, too - especially handy during the busy summer season.

Another of the guided tours you can book is for another famous landmark, this one in Sydney, Australia - it is the iconic Sydney Opera House, instantly recognizable by its distinctive architectural design. But you do not have to sit through a five-hour opera just to get a peek inside. Instead, book a guided backstage tour and learn about the particular features that make the opera house so famous. Oh, and don't forget to ask why the chairs are so uncomfortable. (There is actually an acoustic reason for it!)

If you are looking for more from your guided tours than a simple walk through a museum or famous landmark, then consider booking a guided trip out into the wilderness. In many parts of the world, there are places you cannot go unless you have a guide - and you would not want to risk it without one, lest you get lost! But in addition to safety, having a professional guide along means that you get great inside information into your surroundings, whether that includes the best fishing spots or the names of the bird species you are seeing.