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Holy Land Tours


Holy Land tours are popular with more people than you might think. The region that is known as the Holy Land bears this name because it encompasses some of the most holy places of three of the world's major religions - Christianity, Judaism, and Islam - so it is not surprising that followers of those religions would want to visit this area. But the same sights and attractions which are considered holy are also extremely interesting historic sites as well. So it does not matter how religious you are - or even if you are religious at all - a visit to the Holy Land can be an amazing experience.

While one could argue (if one had a strange sense of humor) that people have been making Holy Land tours since the days of the Crusaders, the fact of the matter is that these tours are incredibly popular in modern times. Many people consider making a trip to the Holy Land a requirement for their religious beliefs, but many also just want to set foot in the places that such famous historic figures once walked. Whatever your motivation for making a trip to this part of the world, joining an organized tour is a great way to make the most of your time.

By booking a spot on one of the Holy Land tours, you can relax and enjoy your trip more than if you were responsible for all the logistics. It is likely that you have a very limited amount of time which you have allotted for your vacation, and it is absolutely no fun to spend half a day on the phone trying to find a hotel room in the next town. Instead, let the experienced tour organizers and professional guides make all the necessary plans and usher you through this region of complex history.

One of the Holy Land tours on offer is a private six-hour trip from Amman, Jordan that includes a visit to the city of Madaba as well as stops at Mount Nebo (where Moses is said to have died) and the Dead Sea. And yes, you should pack your swim trunks - a dip in the Dead Sea is on the itinerary. Another of the tours, also departing from Amman, is a bit shorter because it just includes Madaba and Mount Nebo. In both cases, these private tours are able to be tailored to your particular interests, so be sure to let your guide know if there is anything in particular you would like to see.