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Statue of Liberty Tours


Known around the world as the symbol of freedom and welcome to countless newcomers over the years, the Statue of Liberty is one of the most visited monuments in New York City. Lady Liberty, as she is called, can be seen in the background of many a tourist photograph of New York Harbor - but it is another thing entirely to get up close and personal with her with the Statue of Liberty tours.

There is actually not much to Liberty Island, where Lady Liberty stands, but that does not stop people from flocking to the little island every day in order to climb up into the statue and enjoy the view from the top. But in addition to trips out to see the statue, most Statue of Liberty tours include stops at nearby Ellis Island and sometimes other area attractions as well - so you will certainly get your money's worth.

Since the Statue of Liberty is on an island, the vast majority of the Statue of Liberty tours are going to include a boat ride. Many of them are fairly brief cruises of the New York Harbor, and some of them do not even include a stop on the island itself - but for many people, just the opportunity to get a closer photograph of the famous icon is enough. For a more unique perspective on Lady Liberty (as well as several other New York landmarks), you can also consider a helicopter tour!

Because the island where the Statue of Liberty stands is small, and because even combining any of the Statue of Liberty tours with a visit to Ellis Island is still not necessarily a very long tour, many of the tours that include Liberty and Ellis Island also include many other New York landmarks and tourist attractions as well. So depending on your itinerary, you could check several of the major sights off your to-do list by booking one tour!