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Africa Tours


The continent of Africa is vast and diverse, and there is no way any Africa tours could even come close to covering everything - unless you planned to stay for years! Failing that, however, you can certainly explore some of the highlights and some of the things that make Africa unique on this trip, and keep a list of all the places you want to check out on your return visit!

As you might imagine, some of the most popular Africa tours involve going on safari or at least heading out to see the famous wildlife up close and personal. You can join something as low-key as a three-hour open vehicle safari through Kruger National Park if you only want to dip your toe into the whole wildlife thing, or you can dive in head-first with a three-day trek in Uganda to see the mountain gorillas. If wildlife is what you are after, there is something here that will appeal to you.

In addition to the wildlife-centric Africa tours, there are plenty of other options you can consider. How about a private tour of the famous Giza pyramids and sphinx? Or a 4-5 day cruise down the Nile River? What about a visit to the spectacular Victoria Falls? Or a trip to see the impressive carvings of Abu Simbel? Perhaps quad biking through the Egyptian desert sounds good? Or maybe something a bit more refined - like a day trip to some of South Africa's premier wine regions?

The bottom line here is that, as you can see, the possibilities for Africa tours are nearly endless. There will be something here that will satisfy you and everyone else in your travel party, from animals to food to historic monuments and everything in between. The biggest problem you will face will undoubtedly be choosing among all the great options you are presented with.

Featured Tour Locations in Africa