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Asia Tours


The idea of booking one or two Asia tours of specific cities, sights, or even regions and thinking that you will have then seen the entirety of Asia is more than a little ludicrous. But the idea of booking a couple Asia tours to supplement the lovely vacation you have already planned for yourself is not only not ludicrous, it is downright brilliant. Signing up on a day trip or other excursion is a really efficient way to add one or two more sights on to your itinerary without spending an arm and a leg.

Some of the more popular Asia tours include:

But your list of options is nearly endless. From city tours to mountain day trips to zoo visits to harbor cruises, the only limits on which of these tours you choose will be your travel budget and how much time you can spare.

Consider taking a one-day trip from Tokyo on the famous bullet train to see the glorious Mount Fuji. Skip the daylight hours and get a peek at all those nocturnal animals with a nighttime visit to the Singapore Zoo. Enjoy an evening cruise in the Hong Kong Harbor followed by dinner in a revolving restaurant. Take a full day tour of Macau by catamaran. Ride an elephant on a half-day safari from Phuket. Visit the monkey forest in Bali. Set aside three days for a cruise down the Mekong River in Vietnam. The bottom line is that there are too many great Asia tours to choose from - which will you pick?

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