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Central America Tours


The land area known as Central America might not take up much room on the planet, but it is home to some of the most spectacular destinations for ecotourism - as well as some of the most popular tourist destinations, period. And because there is so much to see and do in this tiny strip of land, signing up for one or more Central America tours is a great idea when you are contemplating how you will cram everything in that you want to see.

Now, to be fair, the chance that you will actually get to check off every single last item on your "must-see" list is fairly slim, even if you do go on a couple of these Central America tours. It may not be a big place, but there are tons of attractions, sights, cities, and other tourist temptations. But by simply adding an organized day-trip or two into your schedule, you can efficiently visit more sights without spending a fortune.

The most popular Central America tours are in what is arguably the most popular country to visit - but just because Costa Rica tours are popular does not mean you will be stuffed into a tour bus and herded about like a sheep. No, most of the tours you will find offered in this part of the world are going to get you out in the spectacular nature that is all around you.

You might opt for a whitewater rafting trip in Costa Rica, a day tour of the Panama Canal, a hike around a volcano in Nicaragua, a "cave tubing" trip through a rainforest in Belize, or a visit to the Tikal Maya ruins in Guatemala. The options for Central America tours are pretty amazing, and will certainly let you experience something you have never experienced before.

Featured Tour Locations in Central America