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China Tours


China is a huge country, there are no two ways around that. Many people planning trips to this vast land are overwhelmed by the choices, not sure what to make sure they see, and intimidated by the language barrier - which are all reasons why working one or more of these China tours into your trip is a great idea. Many of them are day-trips or even partial days, giving you ample opportunity to do your own exploring as well.

When you think of China tours you may automatically think of day-trips to the Great Wall of China from Beijing, or a tour to see the terracotta warriors from Xi'an, but those are not your only options. Of course, those tours are available - and very popular - but there are dozens of other China tours on offer which likely include destinations you would not get to otherwise.

For example, from Shanghai, you can take a day-long tour of the city of Hangzhou - an incredibly beautiful city with a history dating back 2000 years. This trip includes a cruise on the West Lake as well. Also from Shanghai, you can make a day-trip to the nearby garden- and canal-filled city of Suzhou. From Guilin, you can take a full-day cruise down the Li River. And there are tours of the major cities in China, too.

As you might imagine, the cost of these China tours will vary depending on the destination and the duration of the tour, but there are several options for most of the destinations you will find featured here. That means it is likely you will be able to find a trip that works with both your travel budget and your travel itinerary. Also keep in mind that with many of these you are getting some meals and the services of a tour guide along with your transportation, so they are often really good deals!