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Europe Tours


While many people hear the words "Europe tours" and assume that only can mean one gigantic package tour of several cities on the continent, we would like to introduce the possibility that the meaning of that phrase can be expanded. Sure, you can book one big tour that will cover everything (well, probably not everything), or you can be your own guide for part of your trip and book a few special tours of areas you might not otherwise get to. It is a great halfway point that will suit most travelers.

By serving as your own tour guide in the more well-traveled cities of Europe, you could save money over booking one of the totally all-inclusive Europe tours - and you will certainly have more independence that way! Then, when you find a city or attraction or countryside destination that you want to check out for a day or a few days you can book a special side-trip tour for that and let someone else take care of the logistics for a little while.

Some places are easy to visit without a professional tour guide - museum descriptions are in English and public transportation is plentiful. But some places are hard to get to without a private car or more knowledge of the local lingo. It is for just these spots that booking one of these Europe tours is such a good idea. You can just sit back and enjoy yourself without worrying about how to get there and back or what the word for "round-trip ticket" is!

Most of the Europe tours listed here are fairly short - five days or less - so it is unlikely that one of them will cover your entire vacation, especially if you are taking the typical American two-week trip. But if you really want to turn your whole trip over to someone else's care, you can always string together a few of these tours one right after the other. It may make for a whirlwind trip, but it will certainly be memorable!

Featured Tour Locations in Europe