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Italy Tours


Italy is on most people's list of must-visit destinations, and with good reason. In no other country can you find the magic of Venice, the art of Florence, and the history of Rome. But there are so many things to think about doing in a visit to this stunning country that it makes sense that so many people start by looking at the Italy tours that are available.

Most people will want to wander around on their own schedule for much of the time, but by signing up for one or two of these Italy tours you will be able to not just check off a major sight or monument on your to-do list, you will also get a deeper understanding of its historic or artistic (or both!) significance due to the services of the tour guide leading your group.

Clearly, with a country the size of Italy, there is a ton of variety in terms of the Italy tours you can take. Among the most popular ones you will find half-day tours of Vatican City's main attractions, wine tasting trips, day-trips to the ruins of Pompeii, walking tours of Milan that include "The Last Supper," and even something like a 3-day trip to Naples and the Amalfi Coast. The choices are nearly endless.

The prices of these Italy tours vary considerably depending on the location and duration of each one, so if you are looking for a tour of a specific city or with a specific focus and the first one seems beyond your price range, keep looking because there are at least a few in just about every category of tour here. On the other hand, if you are looking for an all-inclusive trip that covers all the highlights of Italy in one fell swoop, you will find that, too!