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Las Vegas Tours


If you are heading to Las Vegas, you might not think of signing up for one of the many Las Vegas tours that are available. You might be planning one casino stop after another, fully confident that you can fill your time easily without booking a tour of any kind. Who needs a tour in Vegas, when everything is right there on The Strip, right? Well, yes and no - there are not only plenty of reasons to take a tour in Sin City, there are tour options you may not have even known about.

Without even leaving the city, there are fun themed Las Vegas tours, like the one that reveals the history of the mob in Vegas, or a spectacular night-time helicopter tour of the famous Strip. Both tours are less than you might expect to pay, and the helicopter tour is an especially good deal - while a similar helicopter city tour of New York lasts only 15-20 minutes, this one is more than 1.5 hours long! You are definitely getting your money's worth on this one.

But perhaps some of the most interesting Las Vegas tours are the ones that actually take you out of the city. Sure, the city itself is fascinating and non-stop fun, but before you lose all your money at the blackjack table, be sure to check out what day-trips you can take without having to change hotels. Did you know you can visit the majestic Grand Canyon on a day-trip from Las Vegas? In fact, the majority of the tours that get you to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas are even helicopter tours, affording you a stunning look at this national monument.

Now, tours like those day trips are not cheap, but they can be considered an especially good deal if you are already getting a hotel room in Las Vegas for next-to-nothing or you got an airfare steal to the city. This way, you can add a spectacular day-tour onto your trip without having to book another hotel in a more expensive area, or do the whole packing and unpacking routine again. And if the Grand Canyon is not your thing, there are tours out into the desert around Vegas that might interest you instead.