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Middle East Tours


While some people might see the Middle East in the news and think about traveling elsewhere, there are so many amazing sights in this part of the world - most of which are now and have long been perfectly safe as travel destinations - that sooner or later most travel lovers will make the trip. And no matter where you decide to visit, you can book any of these Middle East tours to see even more sights than you would be able to see on your own.

Some of the highlights of Middle East tours are going to be the tours of the regions great cities, to be sure. Taking a guided Dubai tour of this new and stunning city is a great way to get acquainted with a seriously 21st century city. Walking through Amman, the capital of Jorden, you will be walking through nearly 9000 years of history. Touring the capital of Oman, Muscat, lets you experience both the city and its border on the Arabian Sea.

But beyond the cities there are singularly fantastic sights which are not only unique to this part of the world, but can be challenging to reach on your own. That is why joining one of these Middle East tours can be such a great idea. From Muscat in Oman, you can take a day-trip to the historic city of Nizwa, one of the country's oldest cities, and its nearby oases. From Amman in Jordan, you can make a day-trip of seeing the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra - or you can combine a Petra visit into a multi-day tour of Jordan's highlights.

In the tiny country of the United Arab Emirates, you can spend a half-day bouncing in a 4x4 over the desert dunes outside Dubai, or even book one of the Middle East tours that lets you try your hand at sandboarding as an additional treat. You can ride the Orient Express to the eastern coast of the UAE, and if one day trip is not enough you can always book an overnight safari in the desert near Dubai - complete with sandboarding, dinner, entertainment, and sleeping under the stars.

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