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New Zealand Tours


New Zealand used to have to settle to playing second fiddle to its gigantic neighbor of Australia when it came to just about anything, including the number of people traveling there. Then, along came the "Lord of the Rings" films, shot entirely in New Zealand, and a whole new tourism boom was born. The great news is that there's plenty to do and see in this beautiful country besides LOTR stuff, although you will find the LOTR theme pop up among the New Zealand tours on offer.

The two islands which make up New Zealand are similar in some ways, but also quite different - so you might want to look into either multi-day New Zealand tours that cover both islands, or sign yourself up for a couple of different tours to cover all your bases. There are all kinds of great day trips available, including some cruises on the spectacular Milford Sound, cave explorations at Waitomo Caves, and even some wine-tasting trips that will leave you wondering why this country does not rank higher on wine lists worldwide.

But back to the whole "Lord of the Rings" thing - you can admit it, you want to work a visit to Hobbiton in to your New Zealand tours, right?. We get it. And so do the New Zealanders. So, to satisfy your inner (outer?) LOTR geek, there are several tours to choose from. You can visit the mountain which served as Edoras, do a half-day trip from Wellington that includes seven different filming locations (this one actually comes with elf ears for photo ops), and even take an 8-hour deluxe helicopter tour of the filming locations for all three movies in the trilogy.

Other New Zealand tours also include trips that will get you way out of your comfort zone with adventure sports like bungee jumping and heli-hiking. But you are not limited to strictly outdoor pursuits - although that is one of the main reasons people come to visit the country, the cities of Auckland, Wellington, Rotorua and Christchurch are really lovely and well worth spending some time in. And there are city tours of each of them as well.