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Rome Tours


Rome is not called "The Eternal City" for nothing - Italy's capital city is so crammed with world-class tourist attractions that even with a full week spent inside the city limits you would still only be scratching the surface of what there is to see and do. Few places on earth have as much history and famous art packed into such a small geographic area, and without taking one or more of these Rome tours you could easily miss something without even realizing it.

One of the most popular Rome tours is not even technically in Rome - except that the entirety of the city-state of the Vatican is contained within Rome's borders. Vatican City's museums and St. Peter's Basilica are so popular, in fact, that the lines can be overwhelming. By signing up for specific tours, you can bypass the line and save yourself loads of time. But even beyond the Vatican, there are excellent walking tours that highlight various neighborhoods or aspects of the city's history, each of which can help you get a better understanding of Rome.

But if being in this busy city has worn you out after a few days, never fear - there are Rome tours that suit you, as well. You can get out of the city with a day-trip to the Amalfi Coast, check out the ruins of Pompeii which stand frozen in time, spend a day wandering the cobbled medieval streets of Florence, or satisfy your inner foodie with a day-long tour through Tuscany and Umbria. There are also multi-day trips available in case you want to get away from Rome for a little longer.

While Rome can certainly be exhausting, one way to keep it from becoming unnecessarily so is by taking a Rome tour early in your trip that gives you a basic overview and understanding of the historic center and main sights. Then you can feel free to re-visit anything you particularly liked during your tour, or skip things you do not want to spend more time on. Getting the lay of the land early is key to not becoming too frustrated later on.