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White House Tours


Washington DC is full of amazing monuments, museums, and memorials - many of which have little or nothing to do with the federal government of the United States. But still, one of the most famous monuments is absolutely tied in with the government - it is the house the US President calls home. And while it can be difficult to get inside for security reasons, if you book yourself on one of the White House tours you can actually get a peek inside the visitor's area.

As you can imagine, visiting the White House is not something you can just do by walking up to the front door and ringing the bell! In fact, after the 9/11 attacks, all visitation was cut off - and it has not been restored to pre-9/11 levels. Today, taking one of the White House tours is about the only way to get inside the Pennsylvania Avenue gates - unless you get a special invitation from a member of Congress, of course.

But even better than just a simple White House tour, the tours featured here also include several other Washington DC monuments and buildings as well. So you will get to tour the White House's visitor area as well as see the interiors of other public buildings in the city. Some of these tours also include visits to some of the city's famous memorials and museums, and you can choose from either one-day, partial-day, or even multi-day tours. This way you can pick the one that best suits your itinerary and budget.

While many people choose to visit Washington DC on their own without getting a tour guide, it can be really hard to understand the historic significance of some of the sights without someone there to help put things in perspective. It does not matter whether you are a US resident or not, US history is easier to understand when someone is helping out! So by taking one of these multi-stop White House tours, you will be getting a good start on that understanding.